ASPIS HELLA S.A. after 20years of steady and continuous growth is today recognized as one of the leading European manufactures of Workwear and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The company headquarter is located in Thessaloniki (Greece) with owned covered area of 5.000m² where office, design workrooms and warehouses are housed.  In additional to this there is a sales office in Athens for our customers service there.

Our highly skilled staff with their knowledge and the years of experience can bring out your every demand either choosing among the clothes of our catalogue or in designing and producing your own drawings with the specifications and certifications that needed. Our company has ISO to ensure with the best possible way its customers for quality system certification beginning of customer's demand until the order is delivered to him.

Thanks to our flexibility, for the multiple choices that we offer, the perfect result and competitiveness of our prices some of leading Industries, Pharmaceutical, Food Industries, Port, Mining, Oil and Energy Companies etc. trust us for their clothing production for 20 years now.







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